“The Black Sun” the new album from Michael Cameron, his first under his own name, strikes a balance between experimentation and accessibility for an electronic album. The album tells an energetic story I would describe as a dance odyssey, strongly influenced by Arthur Russell, Gang Gang Dance, Underworld, Cocteau Twins, Nicolas Jaar, Aphex Twin and Art of Noise. Cameron says “Everything on the record was created and played by hand, to give this album a sense of breath and feeling of spontaneity. It was important to create and sustain soundscapes that the listener would want to exist in, and journey deeply into, an unusual world that you could happily occupy for much longer than the length of a typical pop song, yet have it feel as though a fraction of time had passed. Where the music provides constant changes of texture that respond to other sounds that play off of each other, enabling a space for vibrational transformation calling for energetic participation of the listener to create something new with their projected experience, providing a payoff that is as gratifying as it is unexpected.”


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IVIYH: https://ivacationinyourhell.com/2018/05/03/iviyh-exclusive-interview-with-michael-cameron-free-mixtape-download-new-album-the-black-sun/

“I don’t have much to tell you or say about this shit, but this album just dropped and it’s fucking beautiful, sometimes it’s hard to put shit into words, and the best quality of Michael Cameron’s music, weather it’s with his bands Waterlaso or Los Angeles, you have to come across it when you’re ready for it. It’s understated shit, but it’s epic if speaks to you. His new album, his first as Michael Cameron, is some really audacious concept album shit, that I feel pretty strange and fucked up when I listen to, but also it puts me in a place outside of my anxiety, I just light up a joint and fucking take the trip, the songs are super long, Pink Floyd style extended jams, but this music shares a lot more in common with the influences he lists on his page, Nicolas Jaar, Gang Gang Dance, Arthur Russell and Art of Noise. I predict that this will be the fucking IVIYH album of the year, you’ll see why if you take the fucking trip. The album feels like a subconscious journey, when it’s over you feel like your shit has changed but you can’t put your finger on what. The album is just out now, from what he tells me he’s been sitting on this shit for well over a year now, I’ll let him answer why in the interview, but this dude has been putting out consistently good shit for years, do what you must with streaming but buy this shit, it’s fucking good, and if he ever goes nuts and pulls it the fuck down from the internet you’ll have it backed nice and cozy next to your bitcoins. GET AT THAT SHIT NOW”



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